The Wanting Creature takes the complications of loss, depression, and instability from Nathan Quiroga’s & Benjamin Verdoes’ personal lives and uses it as fuel for these new songs. The new work revolves around the theme of desire and how it manifests in each area of our lives, even our biology.

Invisible Cities

The song and the whole album seem to breath a very dark energy—a tone that suggests urban night and all the mysteries and lost details therein. And if the album is like a city, then the video is an ode to its inhabitants: characters who are lost and unseen as we walk busy streets, who exist in every urban center in the shadows and the dark corners, aware of us even as we pay them no mind. It was fitting that in making of the video we brushed shoulders with these New York ghosts, all residents of an otherwise Bloomberg’d Manhattan: from the owner of one public housing apartment, a completely vacant squatter’s lair with a perfect view of the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building, yet bare of furniture and littered with trash, clothes, and peeling wallpaper; to the residents of an illegal Chinatown hotel, buried behind a gratified travel agent, who denied us permission to film behind darting eyes, stained teeth, and under flickering fluorescence.
-Director Daniel Kaufman